Become a tiny person in a big world: float on the air, explore, play and experience the joy of wonder!


A free-explore Virtual Reality adventure experience

Become a tiny person, who can float on the air like the seeds of a dandelion as he explores the backyard of a small child. You can discover, play and interact with the various objects found in the yard. Come see what marvels you can uncover, and experience anew the joy of wonder!

Bootstrap Slider


Use the gamepad:


You can run around, jump, float in the air and interact with various items in the level.


Besides the obvious playing with scale, we aimed to capture the sense of wonder and imagination of a small child. For this reason the art style we chose was the look of an illustrated children's book which we felt would go together well with our project's theme. We would like players to come away with a feeling of excitement and adventure, and we really hope this experience appeals to the child in all of you!

Future Plans

Dandelion is being expanded into a larger, story-driven experience, in which a young girl runs away into the woods, and is shrunk by fairies to their size. She has to make her way home while tiny, helping various woodland creatures along the way.